Upcoming Show Event - Robert Gaudreau to exhibit at
Oxford International Art Fair 2015
February 6th - 8th 2015 at Oxford Town Hall, Oxford, United Kingdom



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Robert Gaudreau Celebrates the Dreams, Nightmares, and Vanity of Homely Humanity


"It is the many bizarre situations and psychological states that his paintings portray that tempts one to regard Gaudreau as a contemporary peer of artists such as Ensor and Munch, who link Expressionism to Symbolism, and with whom he shares a lineage that goes all the way back to Bosch and Bruegel."

Ed McCormack
Managing Editor
Gallery & Studio Magazine

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Oxford University Press
selects - Robert Gaudreau's 29 Books
Title: Something About Books
As the cover painting for their
2014 Oxford University Press Planner Book
Courtesy of Robert Gaudreau
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